Runner's high

Sam is the most resilient and disciplined human being I have ever met in my life. He has been a marathon runner for almost a decade now. Furthermore, Sam is an introverted, very private person, and maintains professionalism his work life. Equally important, I adore him very much, and I am not exaggerating when I say I have feelings of admiration and it swells deep inside me.

Sam has stood on stages in the past, giving talks on different platforms, as an expert in lifestyle coaching. He has definitely been under the spotlight, and he still gets stage fright but you would never have guessed it, because he never shows his fear; he glistens with confidence and charm. Call me biased and delusional, I am not ashamed to admit it, I’m proud. Yes, Sam is my dominant.

Sam’s life is structured as if any minute of his day is planned deliberately for optimal productivity and efficiency. Any changes to his routine are thoroughly examined before execution. Because of it, many people don’t get him, but I do. Many may get ticked off by some of his behaviours, but I don’t mind and I adore his idiosyncrasies. To qualify for the Boston Marathon this Fall, he plans to start training again.

I have known Sam for about 5 years now. Recently, I was inspired by him to train for amarathon. I decided to join him today after work. I met him in the park by the corner of my apartment building; there are some great running trails. “What is that?” Sam says, with his hands on his thighs. He is panting heavily, seeing me on my silver bike padding towards him. “Why not? I thought you wanted my company?The only way I could promise to finish it is to be on my bike while you run. Give me a break; it’s only my first day! ”

I confidently defend myself, despite knowing it’s nonsense. Before he could respond, I hugged him tightly around his neck, resting my head on his broad shoulder. His running t-shirt has his seductive masculine scent to it. “Umm, I could stay here for as long as you want me to, l don't mind sniffing you for a bit longer.” My eyes closed, I can feel the sun warming my skin. “Come on, let’s go, I just finished a warm up and some stretching. I’ve been waiting for you, let’s go.” Adjusting his sports watch, he runs away, forcingme to paddle along his side.

We were quiet, and we both focused on breathing, inhaling and exhaling for a while. “You heard of Runner’s high?” He asked. “Yeah, like after you run for a while you feel high, isn’t it? But what does it feel like? I mean in your body?” I was intrigued.


Sam slows down his pace and explains, "after a while you only feel your legs moving and you don’t feel the pain anymore in your muscles. And then your vision is almost tunnelled, it becomes focused and the rest is blurred as if you are in a very meditative state." He said at that point, he could let go of everything and may experience a tingling sensation.

“Interesting”, I responded, pondering how that would feel. Finally, we finished our run, I got off my bike stretching with him. Sam faced me putting his hands on my shoulders.  He then said "In BDSM, subspace is comparable to a Runner’s high. To get there, you need to surrender into it the feeling. Question for you. Can you let go and trust me?” His gaze is soft, welcoming, and convincing. I melt every time he looks at me that way.