Submissive or Dominant

Before any BDSM play, a thorough negotiation with your Dom and constant communication are known to enhance your relationship, to create a mutual satisfaction that eventually brings you and your BDSM partner closer; furthermore, you build a safe, sane, and consensual space to share precious experience together. It is a wonderful thing :) Have you ever wondered what it is your identify in BDSM world? What exactly is your role? Are you more submissive? Or you enjoy the power of being a dominant?

Born Submissive

If you have the following traits and thoughts, it might be your calling to be a sub:

1. You enjoy pleasing your Dom by completely following his orders, obeying his rules; moreover, you never wish to fail to comply with any of his rules;

2. You get excited to even think about having a protocol to follow; as if, there is a secret code shared between you and your Dom, no one else will detect;

3. You get a greater sense of trust by negotiating with your Dom; furthermore, you gain pleasure by discussing fantasy in depth, you feel completely relaxed and have no fear of being judged;

4. You get a great sense of fulfilment when you help your Dom to get his desires met, as if you are a little sucker for him;

5. You are thrilled by the punishment you receive, your Dom will always tell you why you get punished, and you understand clearly that if it your certain behaviour that needs to be altered, it is not you that your Dom doesn't like. It is almost like a rewarding kind of punishment that you are anticipating receiving;

6. You get the intense emotions involved with total power exchange and completely giving away your power;

7. You are in the right headspace of feeling completely taken, and owned by your Dom. If any of these above resonates with you, you might be a nature, a good sub material.