In shadows soft, where whispers lie,

A dance begins, of mind and sky.

Bound by trust, the world fades thin,

Subspace calls, inviting in.


A tethered heart, a silent plea,

In leather, silk, sweet agony.

A master’s touch, so firm, so kind,

Unlocks the chains within the mind.


The world dissolves in hazy glow,

Pain and pleasure merge and flow.

In darkness deep, where boundaries blur,

Control is lost, and thoughts defer.


A whispered word, a soft command,

A touch that takes, a guiding hand.

In this cocoon of tender might,

Subspace blooms, a pure delight.


Floating free, yet tethered tight,

Surrendered soul in deepest night.

A symphony of silence sings,

As subspace weaves its gentle wings.


In afterglow, the world returns,

With lessons learned and passions burned.

Subspace, a realm of sacred grace,

Where trust and love find their embrace.