In shadows where desire gently plays,
They seek to find new, thrilling ways,
A dance of trust, a whispered plea,
In passion's grip, they set love free.

Bound by silk, their hearts entwine,
A delicate balance, bold and fine,
Exploring depths, where secrets hide,
In this dark embrace, they confide.

With every touch, a spark ignites,
In candlelight, they chase delights,
A tender world, both fierce and sweet,
In each encounter, their souls meet.

Respect the rules, the safety net,
In every kiss, no hint of regret,
Together, they discover anew,
In playful ties, their love rings true.

For in this journey, hand in hand,
They find the strength to understand,
Through whispered vows and tender binds,
In love's embrace, passion unwinds.