I have seen girls get frustrated when their boyfriend or husband share with them about cuckold fantasy. Who would want to have another guy having sex with their girlfriend and be excited about it? Is that sick? Or even worse, does he not love me anymore and want to push me out? 

Believe it or not, cuckold fantasies are very common among men. In fact, it is one of the leading fantasies and there are many stories and movies about it. Having the fantasy does not mean that your guy is weird or sick. 

Furthermore, we need to understand the difference between fantasies and reality. People having fantasies enjoy them in their thoughts, but not necessarily ready to accept them in real life. Many women have rape fantasies but I would venture to say none of them would want to be raped by a random person on the street. 

When your partner shares with you that he has a cuckold fantasy, just relax and acknowledge that he is not pushing you away. On the contrary, he wants to be closer to you. Sharing those thoughts takes lots of courage, he could be misunderstood, and he may receive negative reactions. He is trusting you and the relationship to share, and wants to be heard. 

I have discussed before that cuckold fantasy is a strong experience and could reinvigorate your man in his sex life. To learn more about why you could click here to read this article. 

So you would like to indulge him in his fantasy, what could you try? You could role-play as the hot wife who has a lover on the side and have a scene with your man. One idea for role play could be: 

Video evidence 

You are in bed with the sheets look wrinkled, putting on a shirt that is too big for you, even lubricate your private parts a bit. When he enters the room, you look a bit guilty and say” I did not know you are back from work so early.” 

Then he could say, "I have a hidden camera in the house and I saw what happened!"

He could force you to come clean and tell him what you have done with the fictitious lover. You reluctantly tell him the sexy details of the act, bit by bit, and lead him on.

If you are not good with words, you could find a porn video that the woman’s face might be a little blurred and use that as evidence against you.