There are many different kinds of spreader bars for BDSM on the market. On the other hand, durability and sturdiness is not very desirable. Most of them are made of flimsy materials and very thin and light. They also might have pins and holes in them to make them adjustable in length. Sounds good, right? When you start to use them, you quickly find that it does not withstand any force at all and all the moving parts fall apart easily. 

It is not the case with Fetdom spreader bars!  Click link to review product

Fetdom spreader bars 

The spreader bar is made out of premium quality stainless steel; therefore, it is extremely durable. It has substantial weight to it, each bar weighs approximately 910g (2 lb). Yep, it is slim and long( 90cm/35in) . 

We also have tested our spreader bar vigorously to make sure it will be fun and sturdy for anything you throw at it. It will easily handle 60 lbs in the middle. as the pictures above shows. 

It can also hold it own with 35lb on each side as well. The curves you see in the bars will be gone if you take away the weight. 

As you see these bars can be freakishly strong and should last a long time for your enjoyment. We at Fetdom would like to offer lifetime warranty on these spreader bars, if you somehow break it, we will replace it with a new one at no cost to you! 

Play hard and enjoy!