Continued from Let's try an open relationship, A Master sub love story part one 

Rachel is a natural sub. She is very sensitive and eager to please her Master or boyfriend. In her childhood, she was taught to be a good girl and follow the leads of her parents, teachers and to avoid boys as long as possible.

She had a hard time dating when she was in school because she often gives out the vibe of cold and indifferent to boys. In reality, she feels nervous around boys, somehow being close to them feels not safe.

When she met Calvin, it was very different. She worked for him for a while and whatever he asked her to do, she is more than willing to do a great job to impress him. She always wanted to be close to him and whenever she is with him, she feels calm, content and happy.

She never had the courage to tell Calvin how she feels. One night after a long work day, they were having a drink at the bar, he asked why she is still single. She was speechless for a long pause and finally said in a tiny voice:” because you never asked me out.” He was shocked as well because he never thought of her that way and treated her more like a little sister and good friend.

After that things quickly heated up between them and they started dating. It was very natural for a Master and sub dynamic to work between them. She is obedient to him in everyday things, sex and bondage play. But at the spiritual level, she actually is more advanced and Calvin found more often than not he is seeking her guidance in meditation, mindfulness and spiritual growth.

Calvin has a strong sex drive and had many sex partners before dating Rachel. She has only a handful of boyfriends before and none stick around for long. She find it hard to communicate to most men except for Calvin and she was happy as bird with him.

Calvin liked how she is very sensitive to every touch of his, every little gesture, flirting will turn Rachel on and she feels like electricity passes through her when he touches her, kiss her. She likes that when he spanked her, he gets turned on. 

As mentioned in part one of the story. Calvin harbored a cuckold fantasy for a long time.

They have discussed  partner swapping, cuckolding, and sex parties before. She was always hesitant but did not mind to discuss the possibilities with him. It is very hard for her to relax around a strange person let alone a man. 

But they have tried different fantasies with him pretending to be another man and sex with her or even played out a rape scene with him being a total stranger and force himself on her. 

They both end up enjoying the experience and spiced up the sex for a good while.