Calvin and Rachel lives in different countries and they have been a happy couple for many years. Both of them are busy with their work. Calvin is in England as an expat and Rachel is Thailand advancing her learning in Spirituality. They have frequent video chats and get together for a vacation whenever their schedules permit. 

They both miss each other a lot and both would love to be able to physically hug, kiss and make love to each other.  On the other hand, they can not give up their job or study to being together all the time for now. 

Rachel told Calvin that she missed him a lot and have frequent urges sexual desires while Calvin feels the same. After a long pause, Calvin suggested that Rachel try to date other men. 

She was shocked and cried out "you don't love me anymore? do you want to break up with me?" 

No! Calvin said, "I want our relationship to last a long long time. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship. On the contrary, I want it to be better. "

It has never crossed her mind that she would want any other man than Calvin. She has never wanted other man's attention since their relationship started. 

Calvin sensing Rachel is quiet and continues:" we are apart too many days, I am so busy with work I do not have time to do anything else, I feel like I am not being a good boyfriend for you. " 

Rachel wanted to say something but Calvin stoped her. " I love you and I trust you. I want you to be happier and make new friends. I want you to start slow and keep an open mind.  But I will be listening to whatever you wanted to tell me and share your experience with you" 

Rachel can see where he is going with this now. They have discussed  partner swapping, cuckolding, and sex parties before. She was always hesitant but did not mind to discuss the possibilities with him. It is very hard for her to relax around a strange person let alone a man. 

But they have tried different fantasies with him pretending to be another man and sex with her or even played out a rape scene with him being a total stranger and force himself on her. 

They both end up enjoying the experience and spiced up the sex for a good while. 

Calvin saw the hesitation in her eyes again and continues: "get a dating app and start chatting with whoever interests you. That is all I want you to do. "

She is no stranger to dating apps before she met Calvin and found the territory to be tedious and boring. Being sent dick pics and asked out within two sentences pisses her off. 


 Continued Let's Try Open Relationship - a Master sub long distance love story Part 2