There are always more talks involved in before, during, and after BDSM scenes compared to any vanilla sex. Sufficient negotiating plays a significant role in building a good BDSM relationship. My favourite part of negotiation is to talk to my Dom about my fantasies, and what we are going to do for the next scene? What do you enjoy most about talking to your BDSM partner in preparation of the next scene?

Safety is Paramount in any BDSM Scene

There are a lot that goes into one scene. Many girls wish they were Anastasia. Stumbling into a multimillionaire’s red room and everything is there and ready for you from floggers to handcuffs, from handcuffs to spreader bars, from spreader bars to spanking benches, to cages, the list goes on. Safety is paramount in any BDSM scene. Dom regularly assumes the role to ensure safety of his Subs. Sub needs to feel that she can trust her Dom enough to be willing to get into a scene. It takes two to mingle. What kind of planning does your Dom do ahead of time to ensure a smooth play?



A good BDSM scene can’t go without a careful wrap-up step, aka. Aftercare. The emotional side of the sub drop make you extremely vulnerable after the scene. A proper aftercare is much needed. During aftercare, it is where the strong bond forming between the sub and Dom. What is your favourite thing to do during aftercare?