A girl can be a gentle Kitty or she can be a fierce tiger. She can stay obedient as long as she's not pushed too far. Once she's cornered, Kitty turns into tiger. "In a nutshell," why I became a woman in charge or a DOM.

Guy Doms Want me DEAD

It's not too much to say that my superior wants me dead. Every time I get to the top, they say they're gonna fuck me to death, but so far, I haven't. Of course if I did, you won't be able to see what I'm saying.

Ahem, it's just a metaphor. I know. Guys want to conquer. I get it. But they're not conquering in the right direction. Once, A Dom to my house to play, orders me to kneel down, I was like, well, maybe he likes to play like this. And then next, I got knocked over. I was furious and stood up, I kicked him in the nuts, telling him to get out. He was wondering what was going on. I just grabbed something and threw it at him and told him to get out.

If he was new to this thing, I'd understand. The thing is, we've known each other for two months. What about the mutual consent? and my preferences? What the fuck the game is this? This is all about using me as a slave. Who would accept that? And the longer you know someone, the less you know them. This is also one of the reasons that people in this circle, the relationship is short; when you are in this with somebody for a long term, rules and consent tends to be forgotten, less taboo. Or rules are meant to be broken?

My Dom is always busy when I need him 

I feel like my Dom is a CEO running the universe, who always has a busy schedule, he flies halfway around the world -- no, the whole world -- every day in a private jet. Not just taking care of jobs, but saving the planet. Of course, if he needs to, he just drops in on a "private jet." And they forced me to get on a plane to find him, which, of course, I didn't have a private jet, and sometimes it took me two hours to get there by subway. It takes a long time to get a taxi. Our meet can be as short as half an hour, after he had what he wanted, he felt satisfied and he took off with his private jet.

It's very difficult for me to reach him when I need to. Messages or phone calls are not answered. I thought he went to Africa, but there's Internet in Africa. Maybe he is still on the plane? Or does he have a double life, Superman? Anyway, as long as I'm looking for him, he can never be found. He is always playing hard to get.

My Dom has too many Subs

Actually, I don't mind that he has multiple subs. I would go so far as to say that it is the skill of a Dom to have more than one subs at the same time. I think he's awesome. But it was wrong of him to put his subordinate in one group chat.

Once upon a time, my Dom said, baby, let's play together, and I added you into the group, and you played with the other sisters. Then I get into the group, boy, OMG, just like the royal family greetings, I have to meet the elder sisters first. This is the mother, this is the second aunt, cousin, and that is the sister. Anyway, it's just by age. OK, fine, I can take it. But what I can't get over the most. Give me the cold shoulder, turn a blind eye to me.

I learned that the squeaky wheel get the most oil. When the other little sisters were upset, my Dom would come over and calm them down. I sent him a bunch of messages, and he didn't respond. Finally, he replied. Either he has something to ask you for help, or his other sister is not available, so he asked me to accompany him. When I asked him, why he did not return my messages, he said he was busy, did not see. But he replied to other little sisters in the group! Who can stand this!!


My Dom always plays with others, while saying I am the real relationship

A man says good night to you and then moves on. After saying good night to my Dom, I still couldn't sleep, but I was embarrassed to disturb him. To my astonishment I found him posted a photo of him and another girl in bed! 

I took screenshot of his post and sent to him, what do you mean?? Huh? He is like: "Honey, don't be mad. I was just playing with her, and you weren't around. A Dom needs to play, too. Don't worry. my feelings for you are real."
I quickly cut him out of my life. Who needs that? 
I also sent a private message to the girl in bed with him, showed her the chat logs. She'll take care of the rest.
So, after everything I've been through, I opened up, and I woke up, and I woke up. Instead of finding the right person to be my Dom, make yourself the Dom. And, having been through so many failed Dom, I know a lot more about how to take care of my subs.


After years of being the sub, suddenly being the Dom

A Dom is the Dom because of his/her control of the play and his/her attitude towards life. 
The Dom should let the sub feel, feel physical happiness and spiritual satisfaction. This game is not only limited to the physical pleasure, but also to let the soul can be cleansed. At the same time, the Dom has to be present in the life of the sub. The presence here is not meant to govern the lives of the sub,  but to serve as a pillar, a guidepost, a guide and a helper. So, be appropriate in the next person's life, let her perceive your character's existence, and the meaning of existence. A relationship that only exists in play, it is limited.