Wanting to have one of your rooms converted to a playroom or transfer a spacious basement into your dream dungeon but don’t know where to start?

It all started with getting questions like this from our customers “Hi there, a first-time customer, my wife is getting into BDSM, we need furniture that needs to allow me to spank her, and if it can achieve more positions, even better. Thanks.” I love to receive such emails. We put a lot of time and effort into designing each one of our BDSM furniture; there is no better person to ask about the furniture but us.

Slowly, we get requests about designing playrooms and dungeons. It is not uncommon to get overwhelmed when thinking of doing an interior design project. Depending on where you live and how extensive your design needs are, an interior designer fee varies, some charge a flat rate others charge by the hour. However, pricing shouldn’t be a solo-determining factor when it comes to hiring an interior designer.

Communication with Designer 

Well, It is not necessarily cheap to hire a designer, she or he or they can certainly help you save in a long run. It is important to sit down with them to discuss what you like and dislike, and what your taste is, and what you may have in envision your dungeon looks like. Oftentimes, customers may have very abstract ideas, it requires designers to have excellent listening skills and communicate effectively the vision to the customers, or help clients convert those ideas into reality. Therefore, finding the right fit is needless to say extremely important.

Once your designers know about your taste and your vision, they can then go forward with these ideas in mind and recommend what may work perfectly in your dungeon playroom.

Personal Shopper for Furniture

Another question we have got asked numerous times is to buy dungeon furniture for them. Your designer has a close relationship with many vendors in the field when my customers are stuck with picking up furniture to fit into a certain spot in their dungeon, I tell them to temporality let go of the “bells and whistles” of furniture, instead, I ask them to describe to me what functions they would like to find in this piece of furniture. Usually, this question is what will get it going.