What Is a Spanking Bench?

A spanking bench is a piece of BDSM furniture designed for spanking. Spanking benches are usually designed to make sexual activities more comfortable and fun for both the receiving partner and giving partner.

When the main legs of the furniture place open at an angle shown in the above photo (click on the photo to review product), this bench allows the receiving partner to stay in such position longer without putting a lot of tension in the legs and thighs; moreover, the room in between the two furniture legs provides a perfect spot for the giving partner the room to move or thrust freely if you may.

A spanking bench can be built in multiple ways. With thoughtful design ideas in mind, designer can convert a simple bench into a multifunction spanking bench.

Why Other Functions That an Awesome Spanking Bench Should Have?



As shown here in the picture (click on the photo to review product), receiving partner’s hands are tied behind her back, the holes installed on the vertical beams behind her allows options for restraints. This position makes it real easy for the person kneeling in between the chair to make oral sex to the exposed vagina of the person that’s sitting on the bench.

She could also bring both her legs on the bench on the red cushion for comfort.


When placing two main red cushions parallel to each other, and one beam at the head of the bench, one at the end of the bench, the receiving partner can lie flat on the bench, with hands and foot restrained onto the beam.

There are many eyebolts installed onto the beam for your favorite rope and chains. Break it in and have fun ;)